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Choose your bouncy castle from our HUGE rental selection!

List below are our Value Range of Bouncy Castles which are, generally, small to mid sized. As a general guide, hire larger sized bouncy castles if you plan to have 10 or more kids or if the kids are mostly 7 years old or above.

See our Premium Range for large size bouncy castles.

Take note of the size (especially ceiling height) of the venue you plan to hold your party, the number of kids as well as their age range. The ceiling height of your venue is a major factor because some bouncy castles are taller while others are shorter.

All bouncy castle play must be supervised by adults at all times.

All product rentals are based on "setup-and-go" only. There will be no staff on-site to supervise play unless requested.

We do have a Party Assistant service which you can include with your order. A Party Assistant can help to supervise children's play, handle battery-operated vehicles and guide use of toys as well as help with party decorations, balloon blowing, etc.

Please note that all bouncy castles are inflated by an air blower which needs to be kept ON throughout the play time. Thus, an electrical power point is required to provide continuous air flow.

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Jump and Slide Bouncy Castle Ages 3 to 6.
Fun, small-sized bouncy castle with bouncing area and a mini slide. Product Details
Super Racer Obstacle Course Ages 3 to 10.
Obstacle course bouncy castle featuring horizontal obstacle beams, pop-up pillars, and dual-lane wide slide! Endless fun for play and parties! Product Details
Sunny the Lion Combo Ages 3 to 6.
Bounce through the den of Sunny the Lion and slide down the Lion's back! Product Details
Deluxe Climb and Slide Ages 3 to 6.
Bounce, climb, and of course, slide! Product Details
Shark Club Splash and Slide Ages 3 to 8.
Join the Shark Club! Slide down the long slide and splash into the shark pool! Perfect for the warm weather! Product Details
Princess Castle Slide Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
Loads of fun packed in a small-sized Princess themed bouncy castle! Excellent for the younger ones! Product Details
Castle Adventure Playcentre Ages 3 to 6.
Enjoy hours of non-stop fun climbing, bouncing, sliding! What more? Check out the ball pit, tunnel, and, of course, pop-up obstacles! Product Details
Dragon Castle Bouncer Ages 2 to 6.
How about bouncing with Penelope the dragon? Loads of fun with this bouncer with with slide and ball pit! Product Details
Puppy Combo Ages 3 to 6.
Bounce through the puppy house and slide down the Dalmatian's back! Product Details
Adventure Splash Playcentre Ages 3 to 6.
Looking for a splashing good time? Bounce and slide into the extra large pool! Or crawl through the tunnel for a splashing good time! Product Details
Princess Combo Bouncy Castle Ages 3 to 10.
The Princess of the day gets to bounce and slide! And to invite her royal friends for a superb party too! Product Details
Explorer Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
To boldly explore infinity and beyond! The Explorer has just landed - take a bounce and leap beyond your imagination through time and space! Product Details
Wizard Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
Time for some magic! The Wizard Bouncer is here to conjure some bouncy fun! Product Details
Combo Bouncer Ages 3 to 6.
Cheerfully coloured Combo bouncy castle with a high slide for extra fun! Product Details
Princess Bouncy Palace Ages 3 to 6.
Small-sized pink bouncy castle superb for little Princesses! Product Details
Jester Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
Loads of fun packed in a small-sized clown themed bouncer great for the younger ones. Product Details
Castle Slide Bouncy with Ballpit Ages 3 to 6.
Classic castle with ballpit and slide! Includes 200 balls! Product Details
Splash & Slide Bouncy and Pool Ages 3 to 6.
Bounce, slide, and splash in this wet and dry combo bouncy castle! Product Details
Action Adventure Playcentre Ages 3 to 6.
What fun! Bounce, climb, slide, crawl, plus a ball pool! Product Details
Bouncy Clown Ages 2 to 6.
Clown-themed bouncy castle with obstacle pillars. Suitable for small party venues. Product Details
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