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We insist that renting toys from Hong Kong Toy Club for your kids parties must be a breeze!

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Hong Kong Toy Club is the first in the toy rental industry in Hong Kong to adopt a very open and transparent way of doing business. On our website, you will see that our prices are presented in a clear and transparent manner. All and any other charges are also specified clearly. Before we came along, the only way you will know how much it costs to rent bouncy castles and toys is by calling or emailing.

Amazing services and toys

Of course, once a good thing is started, others will want to emulate and copy. In this part of the world, copycats abound, some with a conscience, others, unethical to the core, to say the least. Still, we remained focus on our mission and glad to be leading the industry.

At the heart of our work is to deliver joy to children and, of course, their parents.

See what our customers say.

This is why we are focused on getting you the toys that are most suitable for your needs. We have seen so many smiles and delight at parties with our toys to know that our hardwork is worthwhile.


We are parents too. We see parenting as a privillege, a blessing and a calling.

We conduct our business with integrity because that is what we teach our own children. We put in our best in our work and will be flexible and accomodating wherever possible. As such, you will never see us pushing a sale unethically or lie to cover-up any inadequacies.

We want our children to learn from our example such that they will be honest, responsible, upright and that they treat others respectfully and fairly.

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