Bouncy Castles

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Monster Splash Water Slide with Pool Ages 6 and up.
Get ready for a splashing good time! This is a monster-sized water slide! Super duper excitement from the super elated slide and slip into the pool at the end of the inflatable! Product Details
Princess Combo Bouncy Castle Ages 3 to 10.
The Princess of the day gets to bounce and slide! And to invite her royal friends for a superb party too! Product Details
Inflatable Pool L8 Large inflatable pool for activities and events. Great for water play game toys like our Aqua Runner, Aqua Roller, and Zorb Balls! Product Details
Toddler Train Station Ages 2 to 7.
Explore the train station and the "Joy Express"! Fun for the younger ones with mini-slide, tunnel, pop-up obstacles and, of course, lots of bouncing! Product Details
Toddler Zoo Playland Ages 2 to 5.
Bright, colourful, and fun bouncy playland with many zoo "enclosures" to explore for the younger ones! Product Details
Super Castle Combo Ages 4 to 10.
Awesome fun in this mega-sized castle bouncy at 5m high featuring large, spacious bouncing area, climbing wall, and high elevated slide! Product Details
Inflatable Pool S8 Huge inflatable pool for activities and events. Great for water play game toys like our Aqua Runner, Aqua Roller, and Zorb Balls! Product Details
Explorer Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
To boldly explore infinity and beyond! The Explorer has just landed - take a bounce and leap beyond your imagination through time and space! Product Details
Wizard Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
Time for some magic! The Wizard Bouncer is here to conjure some bouncy fun! Product Details
Combo Bouncer Ages 3 to 6.
Cheerfully coloured Combo bouncy castle with a high slide for extra fun! Product Details
Princess Bouncy Palace Ages 3 to 6.
Small-sized pink bouncy castle superb for little Princesses! Product Details
Jester Bouncer Ages 2 to 5.
Loads of fun packed in a small-sized clown themed bouncer great for the younger ones. Product Details
Obstacle Racer 16 Bouncy Castle Ages 3 to 10.
Obstacle course bouncy castle featuring tunnels, low obstacle wall, pop-up pillars, and dual-lane slide! Endless fun for play and parties! Product Details
Super Princess Bouncer Ages 3 to 10.
You are invited to the royal ball! Join the bouncy fun in this large sized bouncer for the little royal Princesses and Princes! Product Details
Combo Challenge Playground Ages 3 to 10.
Awesome fun in this mega-sized super playground bouncy castle at 4.5m high featuring obstacles, tunnel, bouncing area, and super elevated slide! Product Details
Castle Slide Bouncy with Ballpit Ages 3 to 6.
Classic castle with ballpit and slide! Includes 200 balls! Product Details
Shark Mega Slide Ages 3 to 10.
Climb in through the Great White Shark's tail, through its belly and out through the mouth! Featuring a super high slide for awesome fun! Product Details
Splash & Slide Bouncy and Pool Ages 3 to 6.
Bounce, slide, and splash in this wet and dry combo bouncy castle! Product Details
Wet and Wild Water Park Ages 3 to 7.
Super Fun on this bouncy with unique climbing wall and 2 slides. Wet or dry play, it's your choice! Product Details
Ultimate Slide Ages 3 and up.
Super high 2-lane slide standing at 4.5m!! Product Details
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