Mega Party Fun with the Super Castle Combo

The Super Castle Combo bouncy castle is one of Hong Kong Toy Club's latest premium inflatable jumping castle addition.

Super Castle Combo-3

Standing at 5.0m high, it stands stall like a impressive fortress with mini flags flying (when there is wind, of course) proudy atop its four towers. The bouncy castle's design boasts an all-round net enclosure which keeps the bouncy castle airy and bright. It also has a large multi-coloured jumping area
with a covered canopy which shelters the kids from the outdoor sun.

Complete with tunnel, pop-up vertical obstacles and horizontal obstacle bars, climbing steps and a long elevated slide, the Super Castle Combo is one neat playcentre by itself!

Super Castle Combo-i1

Super Castle Combo-i3

Kids climb up the flight of climbing steps to ascent up to the top of the slide leading out of the castle. Even younger kids below 4 will be able to move up these steps as it is lined on the sides with climbing handles.

Super Castle Combo-i2

The Super Castle Combo bouncy castle combines bounce, slide and a good variety of pop-up obstacles inside to keep the kids actively playing for a good many hours. You can be sure they'll expend a good amount of their energies and be exhausted at the end of the day.

Surely a hit for outdoor play and parties! Of course, if your indoor venue has sufficient space, this will be a super centrepeice at your party.

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