Party Assistant

Party Assistant

On-site Party Assistant to help with party venue decor, balloons (non-helium), and to supervise children on our bouncy castles and toys.

A Party Assistant will be very useful especially when you are expecting a lot of children (i.e. more than 20) and guests at the party. The Party Assistant can help to queue the children at bouncy castles as well as for ride-on toys. They will also assist to ensure the kids operate the toys properly and play with them safely.

Party Assistant Service is rated hourly.
Booking is for duration of toy rental.

Please note that this is an add-on service with toy rentals and is not available for individual hire. Service time runs for, at the maximum, up to toy rental time. This is not an on-site waitering, entertainment, media, cleaning or coordination service.

  • Party Assistants serve only to assist you with your party needs. Party Assistants are not ultimately responsible for the toys/services hired and are not responsible for any outcome of the party.

  • The safety and dignity of Party Assistants remain paramount to us. Our Party Assistants cannot work under conditions that may compromise their health, safety, and dignity.

  • Party Assistants also cannot be responsible for items that do not belong to Hong Kong Toy Club, the safety and well-being of any person(s) that may or may not be associated with the hirer during the Party Assistants’ course of work assisting the hirer.



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