Latex Helium Balloons

Latex Helium Balloons

Helium-filled latex balloons for the added party atmosphere!

  • 11 inches (about 25-28 cm diameter when inflated)
  • Ribbon and weight included
  • Balloons for non-rental items
  • $16 each
  • No minimum balloon order quantity with toy rental*
  • Delivery Fee: FREE with toy booking
  • Please let us know if the balloons should be individual or in bouquets
  • Without toy rental, minimum balloon order: 80 balloons (delivery fee applies)
Choose from 10 pearl-tone colours:
  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Sky Blue
  5. Red
  6. Purple
  7. Orange
  8. Green
  9. Rose
  10. Pink
Rental price does not include delivery fee. Delivery fee depends on location. Please see delivery fee chart here.

Minimum toy rental amount of $1200 (first standard 3 hours, net after discount, delivery excluded) applies for deployed service.

Product images for reference only. Actual appearance may vary. Actual colour may vary.

Pearl Balloon Colours Chart

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