Ride-on Vehicles Battery Operated

Battery-operated ride-on cars and vehicles are always a hit with kids!

Playing with the cars give them a sense of control and allows them to learn maneuvering something larger than them. Some toy cars come with remote-control so that parents and caregivers can drive the vehicle for younger children. Please check with our staff should you require the use of remote controls for several vehicles at the same time.

Please note that flat and even concrete ground is necessary for these toy vehicles.
These may look real but they are still toys. They are not suitable for use on sand, grass, mud, or wet areas.

You will be pleased to note
that all battery-operated vehicles are delivered fully charged and configured to last the duration of your party. Of course, actual battery life will depend on how and where the vehicles are used - weight of riders, slopes, grass, undulating surfaces, use of vehicle lights and music, etc.

We understand that parents and adults may be equally keen to take a ride on the ride-on vehicles. Some adults have tried...and found that, unfortunately, the toy vehicles are not designed for adults...

And by the way, children don't need licenses to drive the cars, bikes and trains. : )

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Remote-Control Sports Coupe (Yellow) Ages 2 to 4.
Battery-powered remote control Bugatti Veyron ride-on car with forward and reverse gears. Product Details
Remote Control Coupe (White) Ages 2 to 4.
Battery-powered ride-on car with remote control and forward and reverse gears. Product Details
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